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「腦意識研究中心」計畫獲得教育部高教深耕經費補助 Ministry of Education SPROUT support for Brain & Consciousness Translational Research

教育部高等教育深耕計畫核予臺北醫學大學經費補助,今年「腦意識創新轉譯研究中心」通過核定。過去,北醫在癌症轉譯研究領域深耕;現在,北醫深耕計畫有兩個Global Taiwan研究中心,分別是癌症轉譯研究中心、腦意識創新轉譯研究中心。這筆經費補助將對意識障礙相關研究有極大的幫助。感謝教育部對我們的意識障礙臨床試驗和相關研究的肯定。

The Ministry of Education's SPROUT project has awarded Taipei Medical University funding for support of a center dedicated to "Brain & Consciousness Translational Research". Previously SPROUT provided support to TMU for a center dedicated to cancer research. Now TMU has two SPROUT-sponsored centers, Cancer as well as Brain & Consciousness. This added funding will greatly assist with our investigations into Disorders of Consciousness. We are grateful to the MOE for this expression of confidence in our DoC clinical trial and related investigations.