【徵才公告】GIMBC & BCRC Faculty/ PI Recruitment

Junior faculty positions in neuroscience and related fields


The Graduate Institute of Mind, Brain and Consciousness ( at Taipei Medical University, in conjunction with the Brain and Consciousness Research Centre (, is currently recruiting for one full-time junior faculty position.


Our centre conducts inter-disciplinary research into the contents and levels of consciousness, along with the brain processes that underlie these. We have a strong human neuroimaging and brain stimulation base but also conduct animal, behavioural, and computational research. In addition, the centre works in close collaboration with the neurology and psychiatry departments of our affiliated hospitals, giving access to patients who experience altered states of consciousness (such as vegetative state or schizophrenia).

We are looking for people who can exploit these multi-modal research facilities in order to further our insight into the brain and consciousness, as well as into the causes and treatment of pathological alterations in consciousness content or level. Current faculty includes neuroscientists, psychologists, engineers, and physicists, and so applicants with diverse backgrounds are encouraged.

Some examples of the types of experience or skills that would be desirable in candidates are:
- Cognitive neuroscience
- Computational modelling
- Neuroimaging (MRI, EEG, or MEG), especially multi-modal imaging
- Brain stimulation (TMS, tDCS, or tACS)
- A background in the scientific study of the self and consciousness
- Experience of research with neurological or psychiatric patients
- Cross-disciplinary research experience in, e.g., neuroscience with philosophy or anthropology

We are based in the centre of the fast-moving but welcoming city of Taipei where you would be joining a growing team of researchers from around the world (note that knowledge of Mandarin is not necessary). The University can offer an internationally competitive salary and other benefits. To apply please send a current CV, along with a letter detailing your reasons for interest in the position and a brief overview of your current and planned research directions, to the recruitment committee at